How to have an AWESOME home practice.

Are you LOVING class time and want to be the best dancer ever?

Then you need to practice.

For five minutes or two hours. Focused or free flow. Just be consistent. A habit is a habit is a habit and let's admit it...this is pretty cool habit.

Set up your space (you don't need a lot of room) and if you have a mirror handy that's good too.

Try to remember what you learned in class that week and use those movements as guidelines. Even if you only remember one thing!

Create your dance space.

Tips for You

  • Start with slow fluid movements to warm up the body. Gradually work through full range of motion.

  • Pick a shape and a body part. You can create any dance by picking a shape or motif and drawing that shape with a body part. Are they hard or wavy lines? Short or long? Stay with that movement until you get bored and then practice it for longer.

  • Vary your dance by adding travels and turns and by drawing your shapes on the floor or on the wall. Try a travel step following the shape you've chosen. Play with the timing of the step

  • Use a mirror for a song and then practice away from the mirror for a song.

  • Shuffle your playlist.

  • Find a flattering position for the arms or legs to frame your movement.

  • Finish the entire movement before beginning a new one

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