Unlimited Loops

New dancers sometimes get frustrated with only having a limited movement vocabulary. There is always an urge to have more steps, more combinations. Dancing the same movement, the same way to the same time creating the same look will always have the same outcome. Boredom.

In your next practice session workshop the many ways you can manipulate one of your standard movements. Let's take the fluid hip movement the "Figure 8" or "Infinity Loop"

Your Practice:

Improv using one motif only per body part

Reverse It/ Change the plane

Dance your figure 8 backwards. Or upside down. Or both.

Change your body position in your dance space

In relation to your audience face them at different angles or don't face them at all. Dance closer or dance further away.

Level Change

Move it up, move it down. Dance it while seated on the floor or dance it on your toes. Have one hip lift higher than the other.

Add a Travel

Not just walking with it of course! Turn with it, run with it, bounce or jump with it.

Change the Rhythm or the Time

Dance faster or slower or with pauses. Try playing with the rhythm completing a figure 8 in 4 beats but giving the right hip 3 beats to move and the left hip only 1 beat.

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